Article: #TeamSaucy / #TeamTender Face-off With Grumpy Cat And Nala Cat At Friskies’ Create & Taste Kitchen With WWE Diva Natalya!


Is your cat on #TeamSaucy or #TeamTender? If you own one cat or multiple cats, you definitely have come to realize that all cats have different personalities! Cats’ different personalities, or shall I say, purr-sonalities was celebrated yesterday, August 20, 2015 in NYC as Grumpy Cat and Nala Cat had a friendly, cat face-off at the Friskies’ Create & Taste Kitchen and a very special guest and cat-lover came to join in on the fun… WWE Diva Natayla! At the event, attendees were able to meet the cat sensations: Grumpy Cat and Nala Cat and even take photos with them and WWE Diva Natayla!

Attendees were able to enjoy cat-themed activities at the event. Friskies also partnered with PetFinder who was also at the event giving attendees the opportunity to bring a comfy and wonderful home to one of the adoptable shelter cats also present at the event.

So, what side are YOU rooting for? On #TeamSaucy is the one, the only… Grumpy Cat who represented Friskies’ SauceSations while Nala Cat represented #TeamTender by supporting Friskies Grillers with Meaty Tenders.

According to the press release, “At the Friskies Create & Taste Kitchen we are having a lot of fun with the fact that cats have different personalities and unique food preferences and we’re matching Grumpy Cat and Nala Cat’s preferences against one another in a fun, light-hearted way,” said Whitney Evans, Assistant Brand Manager at Friskies. “Friskies’ Grillers and SauceSations are two unique products and it makes sense that two very different cats have different preferences. That’s what cats are all about!”

In addition to all the cat-astic activities at the event, it was all for a great cause as the games and activities that people participated in at the event resulted in cans of Friskies food being donated to shelter cats, up to 10,000 meals. Were you not at the event? No problem! By using #TeamSaucy or #TeamTender on Twitter or Instagram, from now until August 24th, it will trigger a donation of a Friskies meal.

WWE Diva Natalya had a spectacular time at the event and stated, “As an owner of four cats who are all very different, I am honored to work with a brand like Friskies that truly understands cats can have distinct personalities. Participating in the Friskies Create & Taste Kitchen surrounded by Grumpy Cat and Nala Cat is a dream. And on top of that, we’re having fun and working to help out shelter cats; it’s just an experience I couldn’t pass up!” (source: press release).

Check out more photos below of the sensational Friskies event in NYC yesterday with sensations: Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat and WWE Diva Natalya! Also, check out for more about Friskies’ Create & Taste Kitchen and take a BuzzFeed quiz to find out “What Kind Of Purrrsonality Does Your Cat Actually Have?” Don’t forget to stay in the loop and join in the conversation using #TeamSaucy and #TeamTender!

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