Article: “Talia In The Kitchen” Adds Some Sass To Their Spices With Sassy Dance Star, Johanna!


Things just got a whole lot sassier at the “Talia In The Kitchen” set! With close to 20 million views on her performance video, sassy dance star: Johanna has truly become an internet sensation and can you guess what her favorite show is? It’s Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, hit TV show, “Talia In The Kitchen”! Well, what’s not to love about “Talia In The Kitchen” – this show has such a remarkable and phenomenal cast, amazing episodes and of course, a whole lot of magic!

Just recently, sassy dance star: Johanna was invited on set of “Talia In The Kitchen” to hang out with the stupendous and effervescent, Maria Quezada and Miguel Luciano! Johanna had a blast showing off her sassy dance moves and helping the lovely Maria Quezada choose which salsa is the spiciest! The wonderful Maria Quezada, Miguel Luciano and Johanna even show off their awesome dance moves as they danced the salsa!

Check out Johanna’s fantastic visit on set of “Talia In The Kitchen” with the marvelous Maria Quezada and Miguel Luciano! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc what your favorite episode of “Talia In The Kitchen” is!

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