Article: Rio Mangini, Haley Tju, Brec Bassinger And Brianne Tju Have A Blast At The Taylor Swift Concert!


From “Bad Blood” to “Style” – many, many of your favorite celebrities were jamming out to worldwide phenomenon: Taylor Swift’s music live at her concert at the Staples Center last night! Yesterday, August 22, 2015, Rio Mangini, Haley Tju, Brec Bassinger and Brianne Tju all went together to enjoy the music and have a blast at Taylor Swift’s extraordinary and memorable Staples Center concert.

Along with the photo above shared through Rio Mangini’s Instagram account, Rio Mangini wrote, “#HAIM is great @haimtheband”.

Haley Tju tweeted, “Taylor swift was amazing tonight!!!! “.

Brianne Tju wrote along with a photo she shared through her Instagram account, “Vance Joy, Haim, Taylor Swift @ Staples Center”.

Brec Bassinger tweeted, “IM SEEING TONIGHT WOOOO!!! I can’t shake off this excitement ;)”.

It looks like Brec Bassinger, Rio Mangini, Haley Tju and Brianne Tju had a spectacular and wonderful time at the Taylor Swift concert! I wonder what song they were jamming out to the most! Check out more photos below shared by Rio Mangini on his Instagram account of their fun time at the Taylor Swift concert! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what is YOUR favorite song by Taylor Swift?

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