Article: Isabela Moner Releases Her Magical Music Video For “Dream About Me”! Watch Here!


A perfect song equals a just as perfect music video. Everything about Miss. Isabela Moner and all that she does is one word… perfection. After releasing her sensational and remarkable song “Dream About Me”, fans could not help but get super excited over an upcoming music video for the upbeat, jolly song. The day has finally come, Isabela Moner fans as the lovely and effervescent Isabela Moner has released her stupendous music video for “Dream About Me”. As one would expect, Isabela Moner looks beyond flawless in the music video! Chazz Nittolo and Breze Reyes are featured in the music video.

The wonderful Isabela Moner tweeted, “It’s coming kids… the full video will be available TODAY on Nickelodeon’s Youtube channel…”

Check out Isabela Moner’s remarkable music video for “Dream About Me” below and be sure to share it around to al your friends and family on all your social media networks! Magical music video, Isabela – another phenomenal job, as always!

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