Article: The Wonderful Gail Soltys Shows Her Support At The St. Jude’s Walk For A Cure Event!


You’ve seen her play the rather sassy character of Debbie Fuccinelli in Nickelodeon’s highly acclaimed, hit TV show, “Talia In The Kitchen”, but in real life, the marvelous Gail Soltys is one of the sweetest, most beautiful individuals both inside and out! In addition to being such a remarkable and incredibly talented actress, the spectacular Gail Soltys is also one caring and genuine, young lady. Gail Soltys showed her support for the St. Jude’s Walk For A Cure and took part in the event on September 26, 2015.

Along with a photo shared through her Twitter account, Gail Soltys wrote, “Let’s do this! St. Jude walk this morning  “.

What a phenomenal and admirable individual with a heart of gold! Gail Soltys is absolutely perfect! Check out more photos below of the vivacious and magnificent Gail Soltys at the St. Jude’s Walk For A Cure event below! I’m glad Gail Soltys had an extraordinary time at the event!

Follow Gail Soltys on Twitter: @GailBSoltys

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