Article: A Big Congratulations To The Marvelous Merrell Twins On Reaching 500K Subscribers!


Two elegant, effervescent, and immensely talented, young ladies whose vibrant and fun-loving personas steal the hearts of fans worldwide – over 500,000 fans to be exact… yup, I’m talking about the marvelous Merrell Twins! The magnificent Merrell Twins are known for many things: of course, their stupendous YouTube videos, their outstanding acting skills as seen on amazing, hit TV shows like Jane The Virgin, and their angelic vocals accompanying their terrific music. It’s clear to see that these young ladies are such well-rounded and multi-talented individuals who just so happened to reach another milestone in their phenomenal careers!

The wonderful Vanessa and Veronica Merrell just reached 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel! With their hard work and dedication, these ladies have created some of the most entertaining and fun-to-watch videos we all have ever laid our eyes on! Once you watch one video of the Merrell Twins, you will truly find yourself having a Merrell Twins marathon. Veronica and Vanessa Merrell truly deserve all of their success and it won’t be long until these incredible ladies reach a million subscribers and beyond!

Along with a photo shared through her Twitter account, Vanessa wrote, “I’m always thankful for all of you who watch our channel and support us! I love u all so much “.

Along with a photo shared through her Twitter account, Veronica wrote, “Thank you for 500k subscribers!!!!! Read below “.

Check out the Merrell Twins’ video they posted regarding reaching 500,000 subscribers below! Here at, I’d like to congratulate the extraordinary Merrell Twins on reaching 500,000 subscribers!

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