Article: Worldwide Phenomenon Ansolo Celebrates The Release Of “To Life” At Pacha, NYC PachaU18 10/9! Buy Tickets Now!


From working on set of one of the biggest movies that has ever released to theaters to performing live on stage all across the globe and mesmerizing everyone with his stupendous EDM tracks, there is one word to describe the young man who truly needs no form of introduction… worldwide phenomenon, Ansel Elgort, aka ANSOLO! What happens when you have a remarkable, internationally acclaimed sensation perform at one of the world’s most renowned and outstanding clubs? You get Ansolo’s upcoming Pacha, NYC U18 event!

Calling all Ansolo fans! Are YOU under the age of 18 and wanting to have one of the best Fridays of your life at Pacha in NYC? Well, now is your chance! The one and only Pacha, NYC will be hosting a spectacular PachaU18 event on October 9th from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM with the extraordinary Ansolo performing just for YOU all to celebrate the release of his electrifying new track, “To Life”!

Ansolo tweeted, “NY! I’m throwing a release party for To Life at for my under 18 fans Friday Oct 9! “.

PachaU18 tweeted, “JUST IN! ​ plays ​ Fri 10/9 to celebrate “To Life”! Tix: “.

Pacha is known for booking some of the most well-known and exceptional DJs, so grab your friends and have yourself one unforgettable night by buying your tickets to see the unmatched DJ, Ansolo at Pacha’s PachaU18 event. Tickets can be purchased at this link: . Don’t forget to let all your friends know about Ansolo’s magnificent “To Life” celebration at Pacha, NYC and spread the word on all your social media networks!

Follow Pacha on Twitter: @PachaNYC and @PachaU18

Follow Ansolo on Twitter: @Ansolo_Music

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