Article: Zach Callison Spends Time In New York Filming His New Movie, “Flight Of Passage”!


October is a very exciting month for the incredible and magnificent, Zach Callison. First off, it’s the month of his 18th birthday (October 23rd is the big day this young man officially becomes an adult) and his guest-star appearance on a hit TV show will air this month as well. Another exciting thing happening this month for the terrific Zach Callison is that he is currently in New York filming his new movie, “Flight of Passage”. Zach Callison is working alongside Joseph Schirle and the actors will be playing Rinker and Kern Buck in the movie. The movie is directed by Henry Saine and Colin Ebeling.

According to the press release, “Flight of Passage, the best-selling memoir by renowned author Rinker Buck, is one of the most beloved books in the aviation community. Its appeal, however, transcends the world of pilots and airplanes. In 1966, Rinker and Kern Buck, aged 15 and 17, rebuilt a Piper Cub in their backyard barn. Later that summer, the two brothers flew the small aircraft from their home in rural New Jersey to San Diego in six days, making them the youngest aviators ever to fly coast to coast. Their journey captured the attention of newspapers, television stations and eventually the entire country, catapulting the pair to celebrity status amongst aviators and common folk alike. At its heart, Flight of Passage is a coming-of-age story about brotherhood and family, an adventurous tale about two American boys chasing after their dreams.”

Fans worldwide know the sensational Zach Callison for his spectacular role as Steven in Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe”. You all can catch the amazing Zach Callison in an upcoming episode of “Fresh Off The Boat” on October 27th as well as an upcoming episode of “Henry Danger”.

Check out more photos below of Zach Callison working on “Flight of Passage”. We all can’t wait to see this extraordinary, young man in this movie!

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