VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Louis Tomeo Gives A “Behind The Scenes” Look At His New Movie, “The Rejects” In His Instagram Takeover – RECAP Article!


From being the ultimate prankster as part of the T3 to playing one of the five youth who are ready to uncover the truth, the extraordinary and remarkable Louis Tomeo always proves himself as one gifted, versatile actor. After working on the fourth and final season of Nickelodeon’s top-ranked, hit TV show, “Every Witch Way”, Louis Tomeo continues to work on a lot of other phenomenal and outstanding projects, one of the many being his latest film, “The Rejects”, that he just went to Atlanta to start filming. The admirable and fantastic Louis Tomeo is always working on something exciting that fans are always looking forward to seeing. Louis Tomeo has and continues to accomplish so much and his indescribable talent and his amazing charm makes him loved and adored by everyone. Louis Tomeo always mesmerizes everyone with all the projects he works on, and we all know that he will do just that with his latest film, “The Rejects”.

Want to know what it was like on set during the first day of filming for “The Rejects”? Well, you were able to find out exclusively only on Alexisjoyvipaccess’ Instagram account. The magnificent Louis Tomeo did an exceptional Instagram Takeover on Alexisjoyvipaccess’ Instagram account on November 14, 2015 giving you all a behind the scenes look at what the first day of filming was like for Louis on set of “The Rejects”. How awesome?!

Missed Louis’ sensational Instagram Takeover? Don’t worry! Check out this VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE recap article of Louis Tomeo’s very special behind the scenes of filming “The Rejects” Instagram Takeover where you can see exclusive pics he shared only with Alexisjoyvipaccess first!

big thank you to the stupendous Louis Tomeo on his great Instagram Takeover! What an amazing way to give an inside look on set of “The Rejects”! We all are so excited to see the terrific, multi-talented Louis Tomeo in “The Rejects”. Congratulations to Louis Tomeo on another excellent success!

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