Article: Kira Kosarin Is Someone This Generation Definitely Looks Up To! Find Out Her Latest Accomplishment Here!


A sensational actress, a beautiful, young lady inside and out and someone that everyone should look up to – say hello to Miss. Kira Kosarin! Everyone knows Kira Kosarin as the lovely actress who plays one of the most amazing superheroes in Nickelodeon’s hit TV show, “The Thundermans,” and more and more as the days go by, Kira Kosarin proves herself to be someone who has beauty, talent and brains! Adding to her incredible accomplishments, Kira Kosarin just found out today, December 11, 2015 that she got accepted into Stanford University – one incredibly prestigious university!

The phenomenal Kira Kosarin tweeted, “I JUST GOT INTO STANFORD OH MY GOSH.”

big congratulations to the remarkable Kira Kosarin! Kira Kosarin truly inspires everyone and is so admirable that in addition to being so passionate about her work, she is also so passionate about education too! Congrats, Kira – you are wonderful!

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