Article: Find Out How The “W.I.T.s Academy” Cast Celebrated Christmas!


Yesterday was a beautiful and magical day as Santa came to town! Many of your favorite celebrities, including the cast of Nickelodeon’s hit TV show, “W.I.T.s Academy” had a phenomenal time celebrating Christmas with their family and friends. The fantastic “W.I.T.s Academy” cast shared their Christmas fun and holiday greetings with all of their fans through their social media networks.

Take a look below to see how some of the “W.I.T.s Academy” cast members celebrated Christmas! I’m glad the “W.I.T.s Academy” cast had a remarkable Christmas celebration!

Daniela Nieves:

Julia Antonelli:

Kennedy Slocum:

Ryan Cargill:

Tyler Perez:

Jailen Bates:

Meg Crosbie:

Timothy Colombos:

Lidya Jewett:

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