Article: Larsen Thompson’s Epic Dance Skills Will Leave You In Awe – Watch Her Fraternal Twins “Dance Haul” Video Here!


Looking for one last amazing video to watch on YouTube before 2015 comes to a close? Well, look no further and prepare to be amazed as you watch Larsen Thompson exhibit her epic dance moves with Taylor Hatala in their Fraternal Twins “Dance Haul” video. Fans know the outstanding¬†and talented Larsen Thompson as being one beautiful model and incredibly skillful dancer. In Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala’s “Dance Haul” video, you will truly be mesmerized with how much talent is right in front of your own eyes!

The wonderful Larsen Thompson tweeted, “Thank for all the love on our new video.. I love reading comments from other countries … love to dance and love that people can watch.. xo”.

Check out Larsen Thompson’s extraordinary and outstanding Fraternal Twins “Dance Haul” video with Taylor Hatala below and be sure to share it around to all of your friends and family on all your social media networks! Amazing job to these fantastic dancers!

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  1. Good luck, Best wishes to you both this is gonna be a new year for u both I hope on tour with my girl Janet, God bless, & much love.

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