Article: A “W.I.T.s Academy” Star Recently Snapped A Pic With A Former Nickelodeon Star! Find Out Who Here!


“Drake & Josh” was without a doubt one of everyone’s favorite TV shows, and another one of everyone’s favorite TV shows is the excellent and magical show “W.I.T.s Academy,” which both are part of the Nickelodeon family. Well, just recently, “W.I.T.s Academy” star, the amazing Ryan Cargill snapped a pic with a very familiar former Nickelodeon star, the incredible Josh Peck!

Ryan Cargill shared the great photo above through his Instagram account and wrote, “Ran into @shuapeck the other night! Cool guy! @nickelodeontv.”

Such an awesome photo! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what is YOUR favorite episodes from “W.I.T.s Academy” and “Drake & Josh”?

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