Article: Get Ready For More Music, Romance And Excitement In Season 2 Of “Make It Pop” Premiering TONIGHT At 7:00 PM!


Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

Upbeat, incredible music? Check! Romance? Check! Some more drama? Check! The sensational and music-filled show “Make It Pop” has everything and more that we could possibly ask for in one magnificent TV show! Ever since we entered in the interesting lives of Corki, Sun Hi, Jodi and DJ Caleb at Mackendrick Prep, the show and the cast instantly stole our hearts! All of the “Make It Pop” episodes had us at the edge of our seats waiting to see more and also had us up on our feet dancing along to the fantastic songs in the show.

Well, “Make It Pop” fans, the day we all have been waiting for is finally here – the season two premiere of “Make It Pop”! This second season promises a lot more excitement, music, romance, and drama. Grab your popcorn and friends and get ready to have your very own viewing party with 20 new episodes in season two of “Make It Pop”!

According to the press release, “Faced with bigger challenges and higher stakes in season two, XO-IQ has yet to reunite after a number of setbacks. Corki is in danger of being removed from Mackendrick Prep by her father, Jodi is deciding if she should pursue her love of fashion, and now that Sun Hi is clashing with hotshot guitarist Linc, it looks like XO-IQ might be over, until a new band competition and rival boy band emerge and change everything.”

Be sure to tune in to the season two premiere of “Make It Pop” at 7:00 PM ET / PT on Nickelodeon! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what are YOU looking forward to seeing the most in this season of “Make It Pop”? Also, check out a promo for season two of “Make It Pop” below!

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