Article: Best-Friends That Do Photo-shoots Together Stay Together – Check Out Olivia Stuck’s Excellent Photos Taken By Rowan Blanchard!


Best-friends that do photo-shoots together, stay together! We all can’t get over how amazing of best-friends the incredibly talented Olivia Stuck and Rowan Blanchard are. Well, they are at it again being the two best-friends anyone could ask for. Yesterday, January 4, 2016, the amazing Rowan Blanchard took some stellar and incredibly artsy photos of Olivia Stuck and they are fabulous.

Olivia Stuck wrote along with a few photos she shared through her Twitter account, “Row snapped some pics a minute ago. .”

Check out the excellent photos of Olivia Stuck below taken by Rowan Blanchard – they are incredible!

Follow Olivia Stuck on Twitter: @OliviaStuck

Follow Rowan Blanchard on Twitter: @RowBlanchard

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