Article: You Have To Take A Listen To Tyler Perez’s Music! Check Out His Two Videos Here!


You’ve seen him show his terrific acting skills on Nickelodeon’s magical, hit TV show, “W.I.T.s Academy,” but something a lot of Tyler Perez’s fans might have not known about him is that he also has a great talent in the music world as well. Tyler Perez just shared two new videos of the music he has worked on and it is truly outstanding! His songs are magnificent and his music combined with the great cinematography in the videos makes everything absolutely fantastic!

Tyler Perez tweeted along with the link to his “Through The City” video, “In case you wanna know what I was doing my senior year of high school RT to spread love .”

Along with the link to his “Carry On” video, Tyler Perez tweeted, “Also, had to post this back up since I’m allowed to again RT to show some love  .”

Tyler Perez also shared the great photo below through his Instagram account, so it looks like the multi-talented Tyler Perez is working on some more great music.

Check out Tyler Perez’s “Carry On” and “Through The City” videos below! We all can’t wait for more music from the awesome Tyler Perez!

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