Article: Jc Caylen Shared Some Exciting News About A New Project! Find Out More About It Here!


He’s the one YouTube sensation who definitely puts a big smile on your face each time you watch his YouTube videos – he’s the one and only Jc Caylen! For all of you who stay connected with the amazing Jc Caylen on all his social media networks, including Snapchat, you probably have noticed that Jc has been snap-chatting from Atlanta. Well, it looks like there is a very special reason for that and that reason was announced by Jc Caylen today! Jc Caylen shared some incredibly exciting news with his fans today, January 19, 2016 and announced that he booked a role for a movie! Big congratulations!

Jc Caylen shared the following magnificent tweets as seen below:

Such remarkable news! Jc Caylen will definitely do an outstanding job as always and I know that we all are looking forward to seeing his acting debut. Here at, I’d like to send a big congratulations to the fantastic Jc Caylen on booking his first movie role! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are YOU excited to see Jc Caylen in his upcoming movie?

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