Article: Kira Kosarin Looked Stunning Co-hosting Teen Vogue’s First Ever Red Carpet Video Recap For The GRAMMYs!


She plays a superhero on Nickelodeon’s top-ranked, hit TV show, The Thundermans, and the lovely Kira Kosarin also happens to be a superhero off the show too. If we all had to guess her superpower, it would definitely have to be being super sweet and having a super incredible sense of style! The marvelous Kira Kosarin brought her fashion wisdom as she co-hosted Teen Vogue’s first ever red carpet video recap for the GRAMMYs yesterday, February 15, 2016. Kira Kosarin co-hosted along with Phillip Picardi. The dazzling Kira Kosarin looked so beautiful, as always.

Along with a few photos she shared through her Twitter account, Kira Kosarin wrote, “Had SO much fun chatting fashion with for tonight! Stay tuned to see the piece.”

Kira Kosarin also shared the terrific tweet as seen below earlier in the day:

We all can’t wait to see Kira Kosarin’s fabulous segment with Teen Vogue – it will definitely be extraordinary! Check out more photos below from Kira Kosarin’s fun co-hosting segment with Teen Vogue below!

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