Article: Brec Bassinger Had A Super Fun And Busy Day Attending The So So Happy Beauty Launch And “Lab Rats: Elite Force” Premiere!


A day in the life of the lovely Brec Bassinger is always a fun and busy one! The marvelous Brec Bassinger had an amazing time attending the So So Happy Beauty Launch event hosted by Madison Pettis and then headed to the Lab Rats: Elite Force premiere party on March 2, 2016. At the So So Happy Beauty Launch, Brec Bassinger rocked an incredibly cute, all black outfit with a pair of amazing, knee-high boots and a fabulous hat.

The wonderful Brec Bassinger shared the photo above through her Instagram account as she caught up with her friend, Sarah Gilman at the event. Along with the photo Brec Bassinger wrote, “Loved running into my fellow froyo enthusiast @sarahgilman18 at the @so_sohappy party celebrating their beauty line 💗

Continuing off her hectic day, Brec Bassinger then attended the Lab Rats: Elite Force premiere party and caught up with a few of her amazing Bella and The Bulldogs cast-mates. Brec Bassinger shared the fantastic photo as seen below through her Instagram account.

I’m glad Brec Bassinger had an outstanding and phenomenal day!

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