Article: Kelli Berglund Looked So Stunning During Her Photo-shoot With Regard Magazine!


When she’s not playing the role of a spectacular bionic hero, she’s on set of a photo-shoot looking flawless as can be! The marvelous and immensely talented Kelli Berglund looked so stunning during her photo-shoot with Regard Magazine today, March 8, 2016. The amazing Kelli Berglund looked sensational rocking a pair of bell bottom jeans and a red, halter top. The lovely Kelli Berglund always looks so phenomenal!

Kelli Berglund wrote along with the photo above she shared through her Twitter account, “playin around w today x”

What a wonderful photo! I can’t wait to see more photos from the fantastic Kelli Berglund’s photo-shoot with Regard Magazine, what about you guys?

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