Article: Grumpy Cat, Ryan Cabrera And Blake Lewis Teamed Up For Friskies’ #CatConcoctions Event At SXSW!


Photo Credits: Ben Sklar/AP Images for Friskies

SXSW is one festival that is all about a mashup of incredible musical performances, a showcase of independent films and the latest 411 on emerging technologies; so it is without a doubt the perfect place for Friskies to have introduced its new cat food, Cat Concoctions. Friskies had a very special event during SXSW where they  introduced their new wet cat food which features curious flavor combinations from the minds of cats! Ever wanted to know what your cat is thinking? Well, Friskies’ Cat Concoctions may just give you a hint at what is on your cat’s mind!

Friskies’ official “spokescat,” the one and only Grumpy Cat, teamed up with musical sensations Ryan Cabrera and Blake Lewis at the Friskies #CatConcoctions event during SXSW on March 12th and March 13th in Austin, Texas. Aside from a brilliant performance from both Ryan Cabrera and Blake Lewis, attendees were able to get up close and personal with their favorite frowning face and snap a photo with Grumpy Cat at Friskies’ photo-booth at the event.

Platinum Selling Recording Artist Ryan Cabrera stated, “I’m excited to team up with the talented Blake Lewis to perform a unique mix of music at #CatConcoctions presented by Friskies, an experience of mashups from the mind of cats. It’s only fitting that Blake and I are collaborating to deliver a completely unexpected musical mashup” (source: press release).

Friskies’ Cat Concoctions has an array of different flavors that fits your kitty’s needs. Some of the flavors include Chicken in Creamy Crabby Sauce, Cod in Cheesy Bacon Flavored Sauce, Lamb in Clam Flavored Sauce and Scrumptious Salmon & Chicken Liver Dinner Pate.

Jessica Nichols, Friskies Brand Manager said, “Lamb AND clam? Cats have their own ideas about what they like, which is why Friskies lets cats lead the way in inspiring the unique and unexpected flavor combinations of Cat Concoctions. At #CatConcoctions presented by Friskies, fans will get a glimpse into the minds of cats and experience what Cat Concoctions is all about” (source: press release).

If you weren’t able to attend Friskies’ amazing #CatConcoctions event at SXSW, don’t worry! Check out some more photos from the event below and join in on the conversation by using the hashtag #CatConcoctions! You can learn more about Friskies’ #CatConcoctions here:! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, will YOU be purchasing Friskies’ Cat Concoctions wet food for your feline friends?

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