Article: Paris Smith Looked Stunning At The 2016 Young Entertainer Awards And Won An Award!


Beauty in black, the remarkable Paris Smith looked so stunning, as usual, as she attended the first annual Young Entertainer Awards yesterday, March 20, 2016 at The Globe Theatre at the Universal Studios in Universal City, California. The fashion icon Paris Smith looked so sophisticated and chic in a black jumpsuit at the event. Paris Smith always looks so effortlessly spectacular everywhere and anywhere she goes and she truly defines #fashiongoals.

The lovely Paris Smith also received a well-deserved award at the event. Paris Smith took to Twitter to express her excitement and tweeted, “A hugeee thank you again to the for the award!!! I am truly so so happy and grateful.”

The Young Entertainer Awards wrote along with the photo above they shared through their Twitter account, “ on the redcarpet! Congrats on your win!! .”

Here at, I’d like to send the¬†biggest congratulations¬†to the ravishing Paris Smith on her win at the first annual Young Entertainer Awards! She truly deserved it!

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