Article: YouTube Sensation Brian Redmon Starts Off His New “Hey Brian!” Series! Watch Here PLUS His New Video!


We’ve seen all of Brian Redmon’s incredible YouTube videos, and choosing a favorite one of his videos is nearly impossible since we love them all! One thing that makes this extraordinary YouTuber different from others is that not only are his videos amazing, but Brian Redmon always tries to connect with his fans in different ways and is such a positive role model to this generation as he continues to inspire fans and help them out through his videos. Just recently, Brian Redmon started off a new series on his YouTube channel titled “Hey Brian!” where all of YOU, yes, YOU can be a big part of! In his “Hey Brian!” series, Brian Redmon will be taking in fan questions through videos you all send in and will pick one topic to focus on where he can help you guys and give his perspective on the situation. In this week’s video, Brian Redmon spoke about how to survive school, and the video is absolutely remarkable!

Brian Redmon shared the fantastic tweet as seen below:

Bringing out even more excitement to his fans, Brian Redmon also released another exceptional video “I’m In A Zombie Apocalypse”. Brian Redmon always brings out some of the most magnificent content to all of his fans!

Check out Brian Redmon’s new “Hey Brian!” video and “I’m In A Zombie Apocalypse” video below and don’t forget to let him know how much you love the “Hey Brian!” series so we can see a lot more of it on his channel!

Follow Brian Redmon on Twitter: @BrianRedmon and check out our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below!

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