Article: Olivia Holt Releases A Sensational Cover Of Daya’s “Hideaway” Plus Announces Her NEW SINGLE!


There are a million reasons why we all love the extraordinary and magnificent Olivia Holt – from her impeccable acting skills to her angelic and marvelous singing voice, as well as the fact that she is one classy and phenomenal role model to all of her fans! To add onto the many reasons why the world absolutely adores the outstanding Olivia Holt, the lovely young lady brought out two magical music projects to all of her fans and we are all on Cloud 9!

Olivia Holt released her sensational cover of the fantastic Daya’s smashing hit “Hideaway” and we are loving it! Saying that Olivia Holt’s cover of “Hideaway” is spectacular is truly an understatement as she brings her exceptional talent and girl power charisma to the amazing song!

The terrific Olivia Holt shared a clip from her excellent cover as seen below through her Twitter account.

Then, our excitement level reached an ultimate pinnacle as the multi-talented Olivia Holt announced the release of her highly-anticipated debut single “Phoenix” which will be released on May 13th! How incredible is that?!

Olivia Holt shared the awesome tweet as seen below.

The remarkable Olivia Holt is always working on something just as fabulous as she is and with her superb talent, we always look forward to what brilliant project she will bring out next. Olivia Holt is so hard-working and we all see how much passion she puts into all of her projects. Without a doubt, “Pheonix” will be a fan-favorite song amongst everyone!

Check out Olivia Holt’s terrific cover of “Hideaway” below and don’t forget to buy her debut single “Pheonix” once it comes out on May 13th! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of Olivia Holt’s cover of “Hideaway?”

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