Article: Worldwide Sensation Dvicio Takes Over The US! First Stop: Miami Recap!


For the past few months, worldwide sensation Dvicio has been on the go performing all over the world and creating more of the magnificent and awe-inspiring music we all love listening to. The extraordinary band that hails from Spain first kicked off their incredibly busy schedule in Thailand in February, and ever since then, Dvicio’s home has been on the plane as they went to Mexico, Miami and beyond. Now, Dvicio, whose members include Andres Ceballos, Alberto Missis, Luis Gonzalvo, Martin Ceballos and Nacho Gotor, are taking over the United States again with their US tour and the first stop was in Miami!

During their recent time in Miami, Dvicio has been working hard in the studio making more phenomenal music. In addition to that, Dvicio performed at the Latin Billboards as seen in the photo below.

Dvicio recently had an exceptional performance at the Miami International Mall on Saturday, May 14th.

To add onto all of their ongoing excitement, Dvicio was even recently nominated for a Premios Juventud award. Here at, I’d like to send the biggest congratulations to Dvicio on this spectacular accomplishment and their continued successes!

Dvicio shared their excitement about their nomination as seen below in their Instagram post. Be sure to vote for Dvicio to win at the Premios Juventud!

It’s clear to see that this remarkable and stupendous band always has a lot going on and they continue to bring masterpieces out to their fans. So, what’s next for Dvicio? Dvicio is currently on their US tour and will be making stops at Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Puerto Rico, and Miami.

In fact, here is their upcoming tour stop in Texas:

Dvicio continues to leave everyone mesmerized with all of their sensational projects and we all can’t wait for everything else that they have in store!

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