Article: Kira Kosarin Looked So Beautiful As She Read For Kids At The Hammer Museum!

23 May
Photo Credits:

Photo Credits: @Hammer_Museum on Twitter

We all loved having stories read to us when we were younger, and many lucky children had a very special experience yesterday, May 22, 2016, as they had none other than the extraordinary and remarkable Kira Kosarin read a story to them! The sensational actress had a marvelous time and looked so beautiful as she read “I Wish That I Had Duck Feet” to children at the Hammer Museum.

Along with a phenomenal photo she shared through her Twitter account, Kira Kosarin wrote, “Had a blast reading my fave children’s book, I Wish That I Had Duck Feet, at fundraiser today.”

The Hammer Museum shared the excellent photo and tweet as seen below.

Kira Kosarin also shared the exceptional video below of herself reading at the Hammer Museum.

The lovely and radiant Kira Kosarin definitely brought extra happiness to all of those amazing children. Kira Kosarin is truly such a gem!

Follow Kira Kosarin on Twitter and Instagram: @KiraKosarin


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