Article: Time Travel Back To The Wild, Wild West And Tune In To Nickelodeon’s Original Movie “Lost In The West!”

Photo Credits: Nickelodeon
Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

If you could time travel back to any time period, which one would it be? Join Chip and Dave as they time travel back to the wild, wild west in Nickelodeon’s exciting and magnificent masterpiece of a movie, Lost in the West premiering consecutively on May 28, 29, and 30 at 8:00 PM ET / PT, this Memorial Day weekend. In “Lost in the West,” two step-brothers, Chip and Dave, get transported back in time and they must make sure to make it back in the present time for their Homecoming Dance. Will Chip and Dave make it on time? You’ll just have to find out by tuning in to Nickelodeon’s three-part movie Lost in the West.

According to the press release, “Lost in the West centers on polar opposite stepbrothers, Chip (Thomas), an all-around tech genius who lacks self-confidence, and Dave (Guardado), a charismatic ladies’ man with more brawn than brains. Their otherwise ordinary lives take an extraordinary turn when Chip’s latest invention accidently lands them back in time to the Wild West. The duo soon become entangled in a thrilling adventure as they fight off evil outlaws to save their hometown. When their actions in the past have time-altering repercussions, Chip and Dave enlist the help of friends from both time periods, including Luna, Lisa (Smythe) and Texas Jane (Higgins), to avoid changing the future and make it back to the present in time for their school’s Homecoming Dance.”

Such a remarkable and stupendous movie! Lost in the West stars Caleb Thomas, Niko Guardado, Fallon Smythe, and Morgan Higgens. Watch the official trailer for Lost in the West below and check out the Lost in the West “Awesomesauce Remix” music video below!

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