Article: Lilimar Joins Oceana And One More Generation To Deliver Over 12,500 Letters To President Obama To Save Endangered Sea Turtles!

Photo Credits: Oceana
Photo Credits: Oceana

We all know the extraordinary and sensational Lilimar as being one incredibly talented actress and a fabulous fashion icon, but in addition to that, she is also a terrific role model to all of her fans, and she proved that yet again today, June 16, 2016. The outstanding Lilimar joined Oceana and One More Generation today to deliver over 12,500 letters to urge President Obama and Secretary Penny Pritzker to help save endangered sea turtles using a “simple solution” called TEDs (Turtle Excluder Devices). By using TEDs, metal grates will be inserted into shrimp nets that allow sea turtles to escape. This can help save many ocean wildlife and also reduce the amount of wasted seafood.

Bella and The Bulldogs‘ Lilimar shared her excitement about her participation in this inspiring event and posted the tweet as seen below.

Lilimar also stated, “We came to the White House today with a clear message for President Obama – Save sea turtles for kids. Sea turtles are being killed and there’s a simple action, a simple device, that can save them. When we grow up, shouldn’t we be able to enjoy sea turtles too?” (source: press release)

Lora Snyder, campaign director at Oceana, shared the importance of this campaign by stating, “Thousands of our smallest ocean advocates are speaking up for sea turtles. These letters are filled with hopes and dreams. President Obama has an opportunity to ensure that these children have the chance to encounter sea turtles in the future.”

It is so wonderful to see Lilimar, Oceana and One More Generation team up together to bring more positivity in this world and show that at any and all ages we should all be conscious of the environment that we live in and we should try to protect all types of wildlife.

“When we started our nonprofit back in 2009, it was to inspire the youth of the world to stand up and let their voices be heard,” said Carter and Olivia Ries, founders of One More Generation. “Today we are proud to help deliver over 12,500 letters from youth all across the country who are realizing that they have a voice and are standing up to speak for the voiceless. President Obama, please hear our voices and save threatened and endangered sea turtles and reduce unwanted bycatch by mandating the use of TED’s.” (source: press release).

According to the press release, by using TEDs, it can…

  • Allow 2,400 U.S. shrimp vessels to be removed from “red-lists” on seafood buying guides, potentially opening over 13,000 new retail markets to their products, such as Whole Foods.


  •   Reduce pressure on struggling commercial and recreational fisheries. Of the 242 million pounds of fish discarded by Gulf shrimp trawls in 2013, almost 90 million pounds were species valuable to other fishermen. This includes over 1.4 million pounds of red snapper ($5.7 million if of marketable size) and over 52 million pounds of Atlantic croaker ($311 million if of marketable size).


  • Help ensure healthy sea turtle populations, improving the value of nature-based tourism. Sea turtle tourism attracts over 500,000 visitors to the coastal Southeast annually. In a two-month time period, turtle walks contributed about $250,000 to the local economy in just two counties in Florida.

Check out more photos below of the phenomenal Lilimar and the amazing children who delivered over 12,500 letters to the White House to urge President Obama to help save endangered sea turtles! Such a remarkable way to make a difference in this world.

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Photo Credits: Oceana

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