Article: You Have To See Ryan Cargill And Jon Klaasen’s Fun “7 Second Challenge” Video! Watch It Here!

Photo Credits: Jon Klaasen YouTube
Photo Credits: Jon Klaasen YouTube

Do you think you can complete a challenge in 7 seconds? The fantastic Ryan Cargill and the awesome Jon Klassen joined together for an incredible video that you have to see. In this video, titled the “7 Second Challenge,” Jon Klaasen and Ryan Cargill give each other 7 challenges and each of the challenges they must complete in 7 seconds. Sounds pretty tough, huh? Well, try chugging down a glass of milk in 7 seconds or even try to name your favorite actors / actresses in 7 seconds and the level of difficulty certainly increases.

Jon Klaasen tweeted:

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Ryan Cargill and Jon Klaasen’s “7 Second Challenge” video is super entertaining and oh, so fun to watch! Be sure to check out the excellent video below and find out who the winner is of the challenge! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, do you think you could’ve completed the challenges that Ryan and Jon gave each other?

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