Article: Jillian Rose Reed And Robbie Tucker Had An Excellent Time At The “Pete’s Dragon” Premiere!

Photo Credits: Zimbio
Photo Credits: Zimbio

Two incredibly talented siblings came out for a fun night at the Pete’s Dragon premiere yesterday, August 8, 2016 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California. The marvelous Jillian Rose Reed had an excellent time as she attended the event with her wonderful brother, actor Robbie Tucker. Jillian Rose Reed looked so stunning in an all-black outfit at the event and Robbie Tucker looked amazing rocking a dinosaur-printed top.

The lovely Jillian Rose Reed shared the terrific photo as seen below of herself and Robbie at the premiere.


It looks like Jillian and Robbie had a phenomenal time at the event! They are so remarkable! Check out more photos below of Jillian Rose Reed and Robbie Tucket at the Pete’s Dragon premiere.

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