Article: Megan Lee And Lance Lim Had A Blast At The “Operation Chromite” Premiere!

Photo Credits: @HelloMeganLee on Twitter
Photo Credits: @HelloMeganLee on Twitter

Megan Lee and Lance Lim are our definition of #FriendshipGoals! They are both so incredibly talented and they always look so outstanding whenever they attend any event. The dazzling Megan Lee and the magnificent Lance Lim looked so phenomenal as they both attended the Operation Chromite premiere on August 10, 2016 at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles, California. Megan Lee looked so lovely and beautiful in a white dress and Lance Lim looked super dapper rocking a blazer jacket at the event.

Megan Lee wrote along with the excellent photo she shared above through her Twitter account, “Last night w at the US premiere Thanks for the invite! .”

It looks like Megan Lee and Lance Lim had an exceptional time at the premiere. We are crossing our fingers that these two can make a song together as they both are terrific musicians. It would totally be one musical masterpiece!

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