Article: Come Out And Support Jillian Rose Reed’s Organization Breaking The Chains’ First Annual Event On October 16th!

Photo Credits: Breaking The Chains
Photo Credits: Breaking The Chains

The outstanding Jillian Rose Reed is known for many things – her incredible acting talent, her sensational sense of style, and for being a phenomenal role model to all of her fans! As many of Jillian Rose Reed’s fans may know, Jillian has been working with the inspiring organization, Breaking The Chains. In fact, on October 16th, Jillian Rose Reed and many other celebrities will be showing their support at the first annual Breaking The Chains event.

The event will include a live celebrity performance, music, and opportunities to purchase merchandise to help support the foundation. Other amazing celebrities will be attending the event including Mollee Gray, Brooke Lewis, and Carolyn Hennesey.

The first annual Breaking The Chains event will truly be an unforgettable day! Come out and show your support with your friends and family by purchasing a ticket to attend the Breaking The Chains event here.

It’s so awesome to see all that Jillian Rose Reed does to support this fantastic organization and how she is bringing other exceptional celebrities on board with her to show their support. Don’t miss out on this terrific day and be sure to buy your ticket to the event!

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