VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Make Sure Your Eyelashes Are On Fleek By Visiting The BlinkBar – Alexisjoyvipaccess Review!


One thing that is just as important as keeping your eyebrows on fleek is keeping your eyelashes on fleek too! Your eyes do so much more than just allow you to see things, your eyes can even say a lot about you, so why not let your lashes speak for themselves? Introducing you The BlinkBar – aka a place that will be your new obsession, that is, if it isn’t already!

The BlinkBar is an adorable boutique with two locations in Melrose and Santa Monica where you can get some of the most luxurious and fabulous eyelash extensions. As their motto goes, “Say it with your eyes” – and that statement is so true! Once you get your eyelash extensions from The BlinkBar, you don’t even have to say much because your lashes will do the talking for you.

I recently had the greatest pleasure of getting a full set of the Black Velvet Vera lashes thanks to The BlinkBar, and if I had to narrow it down to just one word to describe my experience at The BlinkBar, I’d definitely say that I’m obsessed! Everyone at The BlinkBar is truly so passionate about what they do and you can see how they emphasize the importance of bringing out only the very best for all of their clients. They take their time in creating the best eyelashes look that suits you and each of the eyelashes are placed so delicately that before you know it, your fabulous, full set has already been completed.

After I got my eyelash extensions from The BlinkBar, I instantaneously saw the difference. I basically don’t have to wear any makeup nowadays because repeating what their motto says, I can “Say it with my eyes.” The eyelashes feel so comfortable on my eyes and I barely even feel that they are there until I take a look in the mirror. I know that many people are hesitant to get their eyelashes done because they feel as though the lashes will weigh them down or bother them throughout the day; but that is certainly not the case with The BlinkBar lashes. They feel like my natural eyelashes and I was able to adjust to them immediately.


I love rocking my BlinkBar lashes at red carpet events and all of my friends notice them right away. I don’t even use mascara anymore when I attend events or just go around LA because I feel as though The BlinkBar lashes do the job. Without a doubt, I will constantly turn to The BlinkBar for the most outstanding lashes when I go to events.

Check out a VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE video of mine sharing my vlog / experience at The BlinkBar as well as a couple of clips of me rocking The BlinkBar lashes at “The Standoff” movie premiere and Power 106’s All-star Celebrity Basketball Game! I totally recommend anyone who is all about their lashes to take a visit to The BlinkBar for a life-changing lash experience.

Be sure to follow The BlinkBar on Twitter and Instagram: @TheBlinkBar

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