Article: Asia Monet Ray Releases Her Powerful And Mesmerizing Cover Of “Rise” – Watch It Here!

Photo Credits: Asia Monet Ray YouTube
Photo Credits: Asia Monet Ray YouTube

Every single day we are always left in awe with how talented Asia Monet Ray is! She is always working hard on something brilliant and magnificent to bring out to all of her fans. Well, the spectacular Asia Monet Ray is at it again blowing everyone away with her indescribable and sensational talent as she has just released her stupendous cover to Katy Perry’s song, “Rise.” There are no amount of words to describe just how extraordinary Asia Monet Ray’s “Rise” cover is. This young lady has accomplished more in 11 years than what people can accomplish in a lifetime and we are simply amazed at how incredible her “Rise” cover is.

The multi-talented Asia Monet Ray shared the tweet as seen below:

At such a young age, Asia Monet Ray has inspired us all! Her voice is so powerful and she definitely reminds us all of Beyonce – fierce and fabulous!

Be sure to watch Asia Monet Ray’s remarkable cover of “Rise” below and don’t forget to share it around to all of your friends and family on all of your social media networks! Congrats Asia on such a fantastic cover – you are exceptional!

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