Article: #ICYMI – Get Elizabeth Elias’ Spectacular Song “At Night” With Flo Rida Out On iTunes Now!

Photo Credits: @Elizabeth_Elias on Instagram
Photo Credits: @Elizabeth_Elias on Instagram

The outstanding Elizabeth Elias always blows us away with just how immensely talented she is. We’ve seen the remarkable actress in Nickelodeon’s magical show, Every Witch Way, and in addition to winning over everyone’s hearts with her mesmerizing acting skills, Elizabeth Elias also has one of the most beautiful singing voices we have ever heard! Needless to say, when she announced that she was going to be releasing her song “At Night” with the one and only Flo Rida, we all couldn’t have been anymore excited.

The multi-talented Elizabeth Elias released her incredible song “At Night” on September 30th and in case you missed it, you should totally head on over to iTunes now to go and get it! We’ve been jamming out to it and listening to it on constant replay ever since it hit the iTunes store. As always, Elizabeth Elias left us all in awe with how sensational the song is.

To get fans even more excited for the release of the song, Elizabeth Elias shared a lot of fun content on her social media networks counting down the days to the release of her song. She shared the terrific video as seen below on her Instagram account.


Elizabeth Elias shared her excitement over her song being released and wrote along with a photo she shared through her Instagram account, “It’s out guys 🎤🙌🎉🎶🔥 go download it today. (ITunes link in bio)Ya está aqui!!! Descargarla hoy. REPOST! REPOST! REPOST!”

Here at, I’d like to send a big congratulations to the marvelous Elizabeth Elias on her exceptional song! Be sure to buy “At Night” out on iTunes now!

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