Article: Catch Paris Smith, Jackie Frazey, Louis Tomeo, Jason Drucker, And More In Katie Barberi’s Comic Book Series, “Daylight Sucks!”

Photo Credits: Daylight Sucks
Photo Credits: Daylight Sucks

Perfect timing for Halloween, one fang-tastic comic book series has just released and you’re definitely going to want to get your own copy ASAP. Actress Katie Barberi, along with Craig Hurley and Mauricio Toro have created a genius of a comic book series titled, “Daylight Sucks.” The series is focused on the Alnwicks Family, and they are not your average family, they’re a family of vampires! However, don’t get them wrong, they are actually here to help!

The comic book series takes a super awesome twist on what everyone’s normal perception is about vampires. No, they’re not just here to suck someone’s blood, they’ll only do it if you have done any wrongdoings to another person, animal, the environment, or have done anything to cause harm to another person. They’re not just any family of vampires… they’re a family of Vigilante Vampires! Such a spectacular concept which is not only a fun read but a great way to promote being kind to one another and choosing to do good for others.

If you check out the comic book series (which you definitely have to!) you’ll notice that the characters look familiar. Well, if you’re an Every Witch Way fan (who isn’t?! That show was oh, so magical!) you’ll realize that the comic book characters’ looks are actually based off of some of the actors and actresses from the show. In fact, you’ll get to see characters based off of Paris Smith, Jackie Frazey, Louis Tomeo, Jason Drucker, Autumn Wendel, Katie Barberi, and more!

Let’s take a look at the excitement shared over this amazing comic book series:

Jackie Frazey: 

Louis Tomeo:


Katie Barberi: 

Jason Drucker:

Paris Smith:


Daylight Sucks is definitely a comic book series you need to get your hands on! Be sure to get your subscription now and check out the first issue of the series on

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