Article: Xolo Mariduena Had An Excellent Time At Latina’s 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Photo Credits: @Xolo_Mariduena on Instagram
Photo Credits: @Xolo_Mariduena on Instagram

The wonderful and immensely talented Xolo Mariduena had an exceptional time as he attended Latina’s 20th Anniversary celebration on November 2, 2016 at the STK in Los Angeles, California. The remarkable actor looked so dapper and excellent as he wore a Zara blazer and pants as well as Top Man shoes at the event. Such an amazing, red carpet attire!

Xolo Mariduena shared his outstanding time at the event and wrote along with a photo he posted on his Instagram account, “It’s only right to celebrate Selena and Jennifer Lopez on Latinas 20th Anniversary. Sorry for blocking you Jennifer.  #icon #Latina20 #Selena.”

Check out more photos below of the magnificent Xolo Mariduena at Latina’s 20th Anniversary celebration! I’m glad Xolo Mariduena had a blast at the event!

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