Article: Find Out What Grumpy Cat’s Top Ten Pet Peeves Are In Her First Ever Blog Post!

Photo Credits: Friskies
Photo Credits: Friskies

From online-video making to getting your main source of news from blogs, it’s clear to see that the world we live in is totally going digital, and it looks like a special someone has caught on to that too! Our favorite feline friend, the one and only Grumpy Cat has shared her first ever blog post and since she’s, well, Grumpy Cat, her blog post is about her top 10 pet peeves. Now us Grumpy Cat fans can really get into Grumpy Cat’s mindset and see what really gets her annoyed. Grumpy Cat’s blog post is featured on

What’s at the top of Grumpy Cat’s list of pet peeves? People asking her to smile. Don’t do it guys, just please don’t. In addition to finding out what gets on Grumpy Cat’s nerves, by checking out her blog post, cat lovers will have the opportunity to join the free, members-only Cat Clubhouse, where cat owners can get special deals from Purina and PetSmart.

Although Grumpy Cat may have things that really bothers her, there is something that doesn’t and it’s Friskies, of course! Be sure to head on over to to read Grumpy Cat’s first ever blog and join the Cat Clubhouse for special treats and deals.

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