Article: Brooke Lewis Continues Her Amazing Empire With The Launch Of Her “Profess Your Hot Mess” Makeup Line!

Photo Credits: Brooke Lewis "Profess Your Hot Mess" Makeup Line
Photo Credits: Brooke Lewis “Profess Your Hot Mess” Makeup Line

From acting in so many outstanding projects, to releasing multiple clothing lines, and her very own book, “Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess,” Brooke Lewis is one spectacular and prolific woman who continues to take the entertainment world by storm and build her incredible empire. To add onto her endless list of accomplishments, the remarkable Brooke Lewis even just launched her very own “Profess Your Hot Mess” makeup line and it’s so glamorous and fabulous!

Brooke Lewis teamed up with TASH Cosmetics to bring out their extraordinary “Profess Your Hot Mess” makeup line which encourages women to be confident in themselves and always radiate their beauty both inside and out. Brooke Lewis is such a phenomenal role model and inspiration to everyone and she continues to show her awesome girl power in every project that she works on.

The terrific makeup line, along with Brooke Lewis’ “Scream Queen Brooke Lewis” clothing line, has been released in perfect timing for the holiday season and it’s definitely something that you’re going to want to get all of your friends and family members. If you’ve been nice this year, then you should definitely ask Santa to get you some products from Brooke Lewis’ “Profess Your Hot Mess” makeup line.

The makeup line has an item for everyone to enjoy. There is so much variety from eyeshadows in the color of purple or nude – whatever your beauty go-to is, “Profess Your Hot Mess” has the perfect item for you.

Brooke Lewis shared her excitement over the release of her makeup line and said, “Life works in beautiful, mysterious ways. I dreamed of a Ms. Vampy makeup line for years and had been in talks with a few companies, but nothing ever felt right, nor came to fruition. After my book release, Tasha reached out to me to ask if she could send me a gift basket to try her products as a person in the public eye. Being a GlamGal, of course I accepted her generous offer and the rest is history. I fell in love with her products! I have severe allergies, skin sensitivities and can easily break out. TASH Cosmetics are natural, hypoallergenic, perfect for my skin and created all my favorite eye and lip colors. Plus, Tasha is a beauty diva sweetheart, so I knew we were the perfect makeup match!” (source: press release)

Be sure to check out Brooke Lewis’ fantastic makeup line here and don’t forget to get it for your friends and family members! Use the discount code #Brooke17 to get your holiday gifts for everyone that you know.

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