Article: Larsen Thompson Looked So Glamorous In Glitter At GUESS’ Glitz And Glam Holiday Event!

Photo Credits: Zimbio
Photo Credits: Zimbio

‘Tis the season to bring joy, love, and laughter to all those around you, and it’s also the season to totally SLAY (or shall we say, SLEIGH?!) Model and dancing sensation Larsen Thompson looked so flawless and incredibly glamorous as she attended GUESS’ Glitz and Glam Holiday event yesterday, December 13, 2016 at The Carondelet in Los Angeles, California. The fashion icon looked so stunning and stupendous rocking a silver, glitter dress and black, knee high boots. Larsen Thompson always looks so chic and sophisticated everywhere and anywhere she goes and she is totally everyone’s style inspiration.

The lovely Larsen Thompson had a blast at the event with her friends. She shared the phenomenal photo as seen below through her Instagram account.


Check out some more photos below of the wonderful Larsen Thompson looking so extraordinary at the GUESS Glitz and Glam Holiday event! I’m glad Larsen had a fantastic time at the event!

Follow Larsen Thompson on Twitter and Instagram: @LarsenThompson

Photo Credits: Zimbio

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