Article: Megan Lee Gives Us The Greatest Holiday Gift With Her Incredible Song “Everyday Christmas” – Watch The Video Here!

Photo Credits: @HelloMeganLee on Instagram
Photo Credits: @HelloMeganLee on Instagram

Our countdowns are almost coming to a close and the holidays are right around the corner and the marvelous and immensely talented Megan Lee has given us one of the greatest holiday gifts! The outstanding Megan Lee is getting us all in the holiday spirit with the release of her spectacular song “Everyday Christmas.” We’re super excited for the holidays, so why not have the holidays be everyday?! Megan Lee has such an incredible and extraordinary singing voice and we totally love how much joy and positive vibes her exceptional and super catchy song brings.

The music video for “Everyday Christmas” is so creative and captures all of the fun and enjoyment of the holidays so perfectly. Plus, Megan Lee also shows us her terrific dance skills with the Poreotics who are also featured in the video.

The lovely Megan Lee shared her excitement over the release of her “Everyday Christmas” music video and posted the tweet as seen below.

Megan Lee always leaves us in awe with just how brilliant and talented she is! Be sure to check out Megan Lee’s “Everyday Christmas” music video below and don’t forget to share it around to all of your friends and family on all of your social media networks. Congrats on another fabulous music video, Megan!

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