Article: MTV’s “The Challenge: Invasion” Brings A Whole Lot Of Excitement With Its Two-Hour Premiere On February 7th!

Photo Credits: @ChallengeMTV on Twitter
Photo Credits: @ChallengeMTV on Twitter

“The Challenge” has certainly been an MTV favorite amongst all viewers, and how could it not be?! It has some crazy awesome moments, epic challenges, and lots of drama and romance that you can’t help but get hooked on to the show. Well, “The Challenge” has a whole lot more excitement for viewers to enjoy with its highly-anticipated return to our TV screens on February 7th at 9:00 PM ET / PT with a two-hour premiere episode. This season brings both competitors and viewers’ anticipation to another level as “The Challenge: Invasion” has definitely gotten even more intense with a special twist. The Underdogs who are fighting to win the title of Champion have no idea what is coming for them when they get the surprise that eight Challenge Champions will be making their way to join the competition.

“The Challenge: Invasion” was filmed entirely in Thailand and is filled with a lot more challenges, romance, and the test of friendships. Competitors will be striving to win the $350,000 prize and the title of this season’s champion but it won’t be easy. This season is bound to have everyone at the edge of their seats wondering who will stay, who will be eliminated, and who will be crowned Champion.

According to the press release, “Before they get the news that they must face off against the Champions, The Underdogs first shock comes with the revelation that they must compete against one another to earn their way out of the desolate, barebones accommodations known as “The Shelter.”  Only after they battle their way out of The Shelter, will they be allowed to move into a posh estate called “The Oasis.”  As these Underdogs fight and claw their way through the game, the very best will rise to the top and only twelve worthy Underdogs will earn their spot in The Oasis, where they will live in the lap of luxury. Their relief is ultimately short-lived as past Challenge winners make their way to The Oasis to shake things up.

The most decorated champ in Challenge history and last season’s winner, Johnny “Bananas,” returns after executing one of the most cunning and controversial moves in Challenge history; reformed Boston bad boy CT makes a triumphant return after a three-year absence with a new outlook on life; rebel Cara Maria is back and more fired up than ever after taking a well-deserved break following her “Battle of the Bloodlines” win and despite this being his fifth time on The Challenge, Shane has yet to earn his stripes as a Champion. Now he’s back and ready to fight for the ultimate prize as an Underdog.”

Be sure to mark your calendars for the premiere of “The Challenge: Invasion” on MTV on February 7th at 9:00 PM ET / PT. Get to know the cast by checking out who will be joining the Underdogs and the Champions below.

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Meet the competitors of this season’s “The Challenge: Invasion” (source: press release):


Ashley K,– Los Angeles, CA Insta: ashleymariekellsey Twitter: @AshleyMarieMTV

Johnny “Bananas”– Fullerton, CA, Insta: realjohnnybananas Twitter: @MTVBananas

Camila – Austin, TX Insta: camilamtv Twitter: @CamilaMTV

Cara Maria –  Bozeman, MT, Insta: misscaramaria Twitter: @CaraMariaMTV

CT – Boston, MA, Insta: _famous4nothing Twitter: @TheOfficial_CT

Darrell – Elk Grove, CA Insta: lb4lb_fitness Twitter: @mtvrrdarrell

Laurel – Livingston, MT Twitter: @laurelstucky

Zach – Brighton, MA Insta: zachnichols15 Twitter: @ZNichols15



Amanda – Denver, CO Insta: mtv_amanda Twitter: @MTV_AMANDAG

Anika – NYC, NY, Insta: nikarashaun Twitter: @NikaRashaun

Anthony – Chicago, IL, Insta: a_bartolotte Twitter: @A_Bartolotte

Ashley – Las Vegas, NV Insta: mtvashleybrooke Twitter: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE

Bruno – Providence, RI, Insta: brunogbettencourt Twitter: @BrunoGeeB

Cory – Santa Monica, CA, Insta: corywharton_ig Twitter: @MTVCoryWharton

Dario – Los Angeles, CA, Insta: dario.medrano Twitter: @Dario_medrano_

Hunter – Anderson, AL Insta: mtvhunter Twitter: @hbarfield13

Jenna – Long Island, NY, Insta: jennacompono Twitter: @JennaCompono

Kailah – West Palm Beach, FL – Insta: kailah_casillas Twitter: @kailah_casillas

LaToya – Raleigh, NC Insta: teatimewithtoya Twitter: @TeaTimeWithToya

Marie – Staten Island, NY Insta: mar8e Twitter: @MARIER0DA

Nelson – Austin, TX Insta: mtv_nellyt Twitter: @MTV_NellyT

Nicole – Staten Island, NY, Insta: n_zanattamtv Twitter: @n_zanattaMTV

Shane – Charleston, SC, Insta: shannanity Twitter: @shannanity

Sylvia – Kansas City, MO Insta: syl_marie_88 Twitter: @SylviaMTV

Theo – Kankakee, IL Insta: iamtheophi Twitter: @iamtheophi

Tony – Baton Rouge, LA Insta: t_raines Twitter: @t_raines33


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