Article: MTV’s Adventure-Packed Survival Series “Stranded With A Million Dollars” Airs February 21st!

Photo Credits: @MTVStranded on Twitter
Photo Credits: @MTVStranded on Twitter

What would you do if you had a million dollars? For the 10 competitors on MTV’s highly-anticipated and adventure-packed show, “Stranded With A Million Dollars,” they must join together and use their money wisely in order to survive and win the competition. MTV’s all new, survival series, “Stranded With A Million Dollars” is set to make its way to our TV screens on February 21st at 10:00 PM ET / PT. As the competitors go through incredibly tough and intense challenges and have to decide if the exorbitant expenses for survival items are really worth it, “Stranded With A Million Dollars” is bound to be a show that everyone will be glued to their TV screens watching.

According to the press release, “The series drops 10 adventurers on an island with nothing but the clothes on their backs and $1 million in cash.  Those who survive for 40 days filled with gut-wrenching journeys and demanding physical challenges will split the money as their prize.  The catch?  They can buy all of the survival supplies and creature comforts they desire, but everything is crazy expensive (think $30K for a tent), all decisions to make a purchase require a group majority and the cost comes out of their shared prize money.

The participants are free to leave the island at any point by shooting a flare gun indicating they’re ready to throw in the towel and leave their pride and accumulated cash behind.  Friends and foes are forced to work together in an intense group dynamic that tests psychological limits, pushes personalities to the brink and leaves everyone wondering who, if anyone, will make it to the end in this genre-busting series that would leave Katniss Everdeen breathless and the Lord of the Flies boys running for the hills.”

The show even incorporates modern technology with drone cameras and robo-cam technology which makes the show even more unique and fascinating to watch.

Meet the cast of “Stranded With A Million Dollars” below and be sure to tune in to the premiere of the show on February 21st at 10:00 PM ET / PT.

Alex, 24 – South Burlington, VT, Insta: AlexApple7

Alonzo, 23 – Buffalo, NY, Insta: iamluckyvalentine

Ashley, 24 – Media, PA, Insta: themercinater

Bria, 20 – Los Angeles, CA, Insta: Naomibria

Christopher, 19 – Watertown, MA, Insta: Uncle_christopher69

Cody, 22 – San Antonio, TX, Insta: CodyThrive

Eilish, 22 – Bloomfield, NM, tewsdaykate

Gina, 25 – San Diego, CA, Insta: ginabaybay

Michael, 18 – Palo Alto, CA, Insta: Schuurthang

Makani, 21 – Venice Beach, CA, Insta: makanime

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