Article: Teala Dunn Looked So Gorgeous And Had A Blast At The Sundance Film Festival!

Photo Credits: @TTLYTEALA on Twitter
Photo Credits: @TTLYTEALA on Twitter

The Sundance Film Festival was in full swing showcasing some of the greatest movies that we’re all super excited to see and of course, so many of our favorite celebrities were in attendance. YouTube sensation and actress, the marvelous Teala Dunn had a brilliant time making her way on over to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival and she looked absolutely stunning, as always. Even in the snowy, winter weather, Teala Dunn always looks so chic and stylish.

Teala Dunn had a wonderful time with her best-friend and fellow Savage Squad member, Meredith Foster hanging out with InstantDotMe at the film festival. Meredith shared the super cute GIF of the two lovely ladies as seen below.

Teala also had an excellent time catching up with friends and meeting new ones at Sundance. Teala finally got to meet another exceptional YouTube phenomenon known as the one and only Shane Dawson at the event. She shared the terrific photo as seen below.

Teala also met the profound actor, Logan Lerman at Sundance and we may or may not be totally fan-girling right now that two of our favorite people snapped a pic together.

More fun continued as 3/4 of the Savage Squad were reunited in Utah. It looks like Teala, Meredith and Eva always have a blast with one another. They truly define #FriendshipGoals.

Teala definitely had an unforgettable and fabulous time at the Sundance Film Festival! She always slays and we can’t wait to see all of the continued successes and magnificent projects she will have this 2017 and beyond.

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