Article: Megan Lee Is Headed To Perform At The South By Southwest Festival And She Will Totally Slay It!

Photo Credits: @HelloMeganLee on Instagram

The renowned South by Southwest Festival is in full swing and a lot of outstanding things are in store. One thing that we’re all especially excited for is to see the immensely talented and remarkable actress and singer, Megan Lee take the stage at the SXSW festival and totally slay her incredible performance. A couple of months ago, Megan Lee announced the news that she will be performing at the highly-acclaimed festival, and with her performance date only a couple of days away, on March 16th to be exact, we all can’t contain our excitement to see Megan Lee’s brilliant performance.

The marvelous Megan Lee shared her excitement about her performance at SXSW and tweeted:

Megan Lee also shared the terrific Instagram post as seen below.


This is such an exceptional accomplishment for the wonderful Megan Lee and we all know that she will do such a phenomenal job during her performance. Here at, I’d like to send a big congratulations to the lovely Megan Lee on her upcoming performance and we all wish her the best of luck!

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