Article: Catch Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Peyton List, And More In “The Outcasts” Trailer!

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High school – been there, done that. High school is, without a doubt, one of the most memorable times in a person’s life, and for Jodi and Mindy, let’s just say that it wasn’t the most pleasant memory for them. However, they’re here to change that! In the highly-anticipated and spectacular movie, The Outcasts, Jodi and Mindy gather everyone together to start a social revolution.

We’ve seen many movies revolving around all of those unforgettable high school memories, but The Outcasts is more than just a completely hilarious and amazing movie in the high school setting we are all so familiar with. It’s a film that touches on many relatable subjects and it also brings awareness to social media bullying, which is why this movie stands out as being one film that everyone needs to see when it comes out to theaters and VOD on April 14th.

As if we needed even more reasons why we all need to mark down our calendars and watch The Outcasts as soon as it makes its way on over to select theaters and VOD, the movie also has an all-star cast filled with many familiar faces and immensely talented actors and actresses we all know and love. Starring in the outstanding film are Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Peyton List, Claudia Lee, Avan Jogia, Ashley Rickards, and Katie Chang. This movie is super funny, impactful, and is a film that you’ll definitely want to see over and over again.

Let’s learn more about The Outcasts, “The film follows best friends Jodi (Victoria Justice) and Mindy (Eden Sher), who have suffered years of torment under the thumb of the school’s alpha female (Claudia Lee) with the help of her ‘intern’ Mackenzie (Peyton List). They plan to ride out their senior year under the radar, but when they become the victim of a humiliating prank, the two hatch a plan to unite the outcasts of the school and start a social revolution. They join forces with an affable slacker (Avan Jogia), a girl scout with a secret (Katie Chang) and an overachiever with dirt on everyone (Ashley Rickards).” (source: press release)

Director Peter Hutchings shared his excitement over the release of the film and said, “The Outcasts aims to show that beneath the superficial differences, we’re all very similar and we’re all afraid. Part of the story we’re telling here is about opening yourself up and letting yourself be more than one thing.” (source: press release)

Victoria Justice was thrilled to be a part of this magnificent project and said, “It’s a great coming of age story and it’s full of unique characters. It’s about embracing, accepting and loving who you are and really at the core of the movie, it’s about friendship. I think it’s a beautiful, touching and important story.” (source: press release)

Get ready to see your new favorite movie as The Outcasts is coming your way very soon! Be sure to watch the official trailer for The Outcasts below and don’t forget to keep connected with The Outcasts movie on Twitter and Instagram by following @OutcastsMovie and using #TheOutcastsMovie on all social media networks!

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