VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Zach King And Brendan Gahan “Kept It Real” At VidCon 2017 With Their Informative Panel About Influencer Marketing!


Working on your YouTube channel and creating content you love and are proud of is always an exciting thing to do. Online video making is so spectacular in so many ways as it allows us all to express ourselves and what we’re passionate about, and to add onto all of the fun, sometimes brands may even reach out to you for paid / sponsored content. Imagine if one of your favorite brands like Coca Cola, Crayola, Taco Bell, or Nike saw your work and reached out to you to partner up and create a video or some kind of content for your social media platforms and even get the opportunity to get paid for it?! It’s so great to see when your hard work pays off and to get incredible opportunities like that, but what is always important to remember is to stay true to your brand and the message you want to bring out to all of your viewers.

VidCon Day 1 kicked off with a lot of brilliant panels and one very informative and interesting panel took place on June 22, 2017. Social media sensation, Zach King and EVP of Epic Signal, Brendan Gahan kept it real¬†at their “Keeping It Real” panel where the two, magnificent individuals talked about how influencers who get paid for the content they create must still emphasize the importance of making it creative and keeping it real and authentic. It’s easy to get wrapped up into paid content, but what a content creator must always remember is to take on offers that fit with their niche and viewers and bring out content that shows how much they truly value the product or brand.

Many renowned and fan-favorite brands are turning to influencers to help get their message out. Zach King and Brendan Gahan stressed how vital it is for influencers and the brands to have a good relationship and to always keep each other updated regarding the process of creating the content – from start to finish. In order to have a successful time working with brands, Zach King told panel attendees that he often blueprints and storyboards every part of his video so that the brands and production team know exactly what to expect. Transparency is definitely key when having an influencer / brand partnership.

After discussing how Zach King puts in so much effort to stay true to his brand and make creative content even when it’s sponsored for, Zach King and Brendan Gahan opened the floor for questions from attendees.

When asked how long it normally takes him to create his videos, Zach King answered by saying, “We did a video where I was in a museum. That video took me like three months of my personal time, as well as working on some other stuff, but like really focused for like three months on that video, and it was only 30 seconds. For the ideas – play, do a lot of crazy stuff. I’m not one to generally go to museums, but I travel a lot, and lately in my last couple of trips, I’ve been trying to go visit museums or like weird places. I was in Atlanta, Georgia a couple of months ago and I went to a puppet museum where they have Jim Henson’s museum and it’s not something I would normally go to, but I got a ton of inspiration and ideas, so do something you don’t normally do, get out of your routine. ”

Check out a video of Zach King’s answer below:


It’s clear to see why an endless amount of brands want to work with Zach King as he truly is a genius and one of the greatest content creators on this planet. His videos are always so awe-inspiring, original, magical, unique, and truly stupendous. No content creator has accomplished what Zach King has done.¬†After the panel, Zach King took time to greet each one of his fans and take pictures and videos with everyone.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had an excellent time covering Zach King and Brendan Gahan’s “Keeping It Real” panel at VidCon 2017. Zach King and Brendan Gahan definitely gave some outstanding advice to all attendees and gave them more insight into brand and influencer relationships. Be sure to follow Zach King on Twitter: @FinalCutKing and on Instagram: @ZachKing. Follow Brendan Gahan on Twitter and Instagram: @BrendanGahan

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