Article: Ian Thomas Is On A Roll With Amazing, New Music! Watch The Music Video For “Molly” Here!

Photo Credits: @IanThomas on Instagram

The sensational and extraordinary Ian Thomas never fails to impress us all with all of his musical masterpieces! The remarkable singer and YouTube star recently released his new single titled, “Go Wild” and we definitely have been going wild pressing the replay button and listening to it 24/7. However, Ian Thomas wasn’t done bringing out some more phenomenal, musical surprises just yet, because two days later, the multi-talented musician released another terrific song titled, “Molly.” Needless to say, Ian Thomas continues to blow us all away with his brilliant talent and we’re absolutely loving “Molly.”

“Molly” is the best party anthem and we seriously can’t stop listening to it. It has such a wonderful beat and we definitely have it at the top of our music playlists. It’s clear to see why within only a couple of days, “Molly” has an incredible amount of views on YouTube and Ian Thomas’ success continue to skyrocket more and more as the days go by.

Ian Thomas tweeted:

Ian Thomas also shared his excitement over all of the great success with his two, new singles and tweeted:

Ian Thomas is so hard-working and every project he brings out shows how much passion he puts into everything. Check out the official music video for “Molly” below and download / stream “Molly” now!

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