VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Gladys Tamez And Xinú Perfumes Collab Is The Greatest Hat Collection Out!


When you look at Lady Gaga’s highly-acclaimed Joanne album cover, one of the many things you notice right away is her incredibly chic and terrific hat. Well, the genius behind that outstanding hat just so happens to be the phenomenal Gladys Tamez. The remarkable Gladys Tamez is an icon in the fashion world. She creates all of her stylish and trendy hats by hand and all of her hats are bound to add some extra-flair to your OOTD and make it absolutely show-stopping. It’s clear to see the amount of time, passion and effort Gladys Tamez puts into every one of her designs and that’s why all of her hats turn out to be as magnificent as they are.

There is a perfect kind of hat for every occasion and it’s the greatest finishing touch to every outfit. From the renowned Joanne hat to the leopard printed Verushka hat and even the black, felt velour, Bianca hat, we seriously can’t pick a favorite because every single one of Gladys Tamez’s hats are absolute masterpieces.

The extraordinary Gladys Tamez recently collaborated with Xinú perfumes, a perfume company that creates its aromatic scents from a variety of plants from the Americas. All of the Xinú scents are so lovely and they come in some of the most unique containers. One of the best parts about Xinú perfumes is that their containers are reusable and once you finish using the perfume, you can use the container for other things, such as even using it as a mini vase for your flowers and plants. From an elegant, luxurious smell to a mystical scent – Xinú perfumes has every kind of perfume to your liking.


The collab between Gladys Tamez and Xinú perfumes is the greatest idea yet and we know that these hats will be at the top of everyone’s holiday wish-lists. The marvelous hats reflects Xinú’s love for botany and even features a flower or two. Gladys Tamez’s hats are always so classy, sophisticated, and chic.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had an exceptional time covering and attending the preview of Gladys Tamez and Xinú perfumes’ collaboration at the Gladys Tamez millinery. Check out some more pictures from the preview day below and visit to get your very own fabulous Gladys Tamez hat and visit for more info on Xinú perfumes.

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