Article: Brooke Lewis Adds Fabulous Bridal And Bachelorette Items To Her “Rock Your Hot Mess” Clothing Line With Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen!

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We know the spectacular Brooke Lewis for being one incredible #BossLady who can seriously do it all. From acting to writing an excellent, best-selling book to giving the greatest lifestyle and dating advice, Brooke Lewis is truly phenomenal. She even had the most awe-inspiring and fairytale like engagement that every girl dreams of having. Well, drawing inspiration from her picturesque and beautiful, Hollywood-themed engagement, the marvelous Brooke Lewis just recently announced the addition of her bridal and bachelorette items to her “Rock Your Hot Mess” collection with Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen.

These wonderful ladies have already brought out so many terrific t-shirts, v-necks, tank tops and more through their collaboration on their “Rock Your Hot Mess” collection and now, they’re giving brides, brides-to-be, and bachelorettes some remarkable gear to rock as they prepare for a very special and magical day.

Brooke Lewis shared her excitement over her bride and bachelorette “Rock Your Hot Mess” collection and said, “As stated in my book, I was a proud, empowered single woman for a long time. In that time, I was a bridesmaid and bachelorette in 18 weddings. I had been reminiscing about all the bachelorette parties and weekends I had attended and all the “late night” champagne toasts with the ladies, or the “walk-of-shame” mornings or flights home from Vegas with nothing cute and comfy to ROCK! Once I got engaged and started visualizing my bachelorette party, I felt so inspired to add the bridal and bachelorette style to our ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ line and Alison was all in! Since “MetalBabe” and I are all about female empowerment and supporting one another, we could not think of a better way to support brides and bridal parties to ‘ROCK YOUR HOT MESS’ and OWN IT! Now, that is a great “gift” in every sense of the word!” (source: press release) 

Brooke Lewis and Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen’s “Rock Your Hot Mess” line is super comfortable and amazingly trendy and stylish! You and your ladies can get your “Rock Your Hot Mess” bride and bachelorette items here and use #BROOKE16 for a 20% discount at checkout.

Be sure to get your awesome items from the “Rock Your Hot Mess” bride and bachelorette collection now and send pictures of you rocking your purchases to Brooke Lewis on her Twitter and Instagram: @BrookeLewisLA!

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